Community Outreach

The Hope Center Foundation of Chicago received funding from the Chicago Community Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund to provide healthy food options to the senior population in the Roseland community. This community lacks sufficient access to affordable healthy food options within convenient traveling distance. Notably, our seniors have been hit hard during this pandemic because they are without transportation and lack the monetary resources. They are faced with the on-going concern of food insecurity and stretching their limited incomes. Our goal is to assist those who may not know where to find their next meal and those who don’t have access to healthy food options.

We delivered masks, over 400 bags of groceries with fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and fish to several independent living facilities for seniors, including Roseland Manor, Roseland Place, Roseland Village, Victory Centre of Roseland, and All Saints Residence. We were especially touched by Roseland Village, which houses the “Grand Families,” an independent living facility for seniors over the age of 62 caring for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As the struggle to buy food continues, our purpose is to identify the needs of our senior community and respond with hope and support.

The Hope Center Foundation in conjunction with Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, Blueprint Foods and World Central Kitchen shows love and compassion by distributing 200 weekly free hot meals, a box of groceries containing fresh fruits, vegetables and meats as well as distributing masks to the Roseland Community every Wednesday from 11 am – 1 pm at 11034 S. Michigan. During these unprecedented times we face amid COVID-19, we want to do all we can to help make the difficult choices a little easier. It is our sincere desire to restore hope and make a difference in our community.

Dr. Willie Wilson distributes Five Million free masks to residents living in underserved communities. Hundreds of cars lined the streets as people patiently waited for hours to receive their mask to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Hope Center Foundation thanks the Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation for supporting our mission and responding to the needs of the Roseland community.

The Hope Center Foundation, in partnership with Salem Baptist Church of Chicago and the House of Hope, distributed 500 boxes of food to hundreds of families in the Roseland community. With the rising costs of groceries and many residents being unemployed, the donations included fruit, vegetables, and meat to ensure recipients get the nutrients they deserve. The Hope Center Foundation is grateful to provide food assistance support during the Illinois Stay at Home order and beyond.