Take the Pledge of HOPE for Roseland’s Resilience!

Our mission is to remain dedicated to the Roseland community, committed to helping residents transition out of poverty to a livable wage, and onto generational wealth.  

We’re committed to addressing poverty and violence at the root. Through innovative and imaginative, solution-focused programs we provide support to the Roseland, Pullman and West Pullman communities – in the areas of entrepreneurship, ownership, financial literacy, workforce development, and youth mentorship.

We’re invested in envisioning a future fueled by HOPE where we drive economic mobility and empower our communities forward. 

Are you? Consider taking the HOPE pledge today.

HOPE-fueled Possibilities

Fuel future possibilities for HOPE with a one-time donation that will make a lasting impact! At this level, you’re helping us take the necessary steps towards addressing poverty and violence at the root by being able to provide our clients with innovative and imaginative solution-focused programs, experiences, and more!

Take the Pledge!

Seed of HOPE

Plant a seed of HOPE in our communities with a monthly donation that will nurture optimism and support as consider our client’s immediate needs around transportation, food, or additional supportive services.

Take the Pledge!

Restore HOPE

Restore HOPE and inspiration with us by making a meaningful impact with a yearly donation! Your generosity will help us provide life changing opportunities and experiences to expand our clients' horizons -- e to cultural experiences, educational excursions, expansive activities and network opportunities for our clients. You’re sowing into our mission of transitioning the residents of OUR communities out of poverty and into a livable wage.

Take the Pledge!

Your financial contribution fights for the resilience and restoration of the Roseland community!

There are multiple ways you can take the HOPE pledge toward building hope and resilience in our community. Your support and ability to GIVE HOPE goes well beyond monetary stewardship. As a lead organizer, we desire to develop deep, meaningful relationships with those who are inspired to sow seeds in this community. If you would like to partner or volunteer and join Club HOPE, fill out the form below.


Other Ways To Give

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