Who We Are?

Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: The Hope Center Foundation of Chicago is a Roseland-based, not-for-profit organization, helping residents of the Urban Chicago community to successfully transition out of poverty to living wage and into generational wealth. The organization works to address the root causes contributing to poverty and violence in the community through imaginative, solution-focused programs that provide support in the areas of home ownership, financial literacy, workforce development, youth mentorship, and entrepreneurship.

The philanthropic arm of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, the Hope Center Foundation serves Urban Chicago residents of all ages, specifically targeting the millennial population. HCFC’s goal is to mobilize residents and empower them to be the center of change in their community. Leveraging a strong resource network and community alliances, the Hope Center Foundation of Chicago aims to be leaders in creating economic mobility for a “reimagined” Urban Chicago.

We envision a place where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

VISION: A driving force in creating economic mobility for the Roseland community

Our Message

Hope Center Foundation is more than just a community-based organization. 

We share a history and a heritage with the people that we serve. Our board and executive team have been affected by the same disparities and injustices that the Greater Roseland community has. In many instances, their experiences have been our experiences.  We see ourselves in their faces. We feel their trials and tribulations.

To us they are more than just statistics on a page. They are our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children. Our role is to encourage,  support, and enrich. These are our people, our community, and  our  vision of  hope for the future.